Announcement of Events

Leopolis Jazz Fest 2018

June 27 - July 1, 2018

Dive headfirst into the jazz summer!  Taurus City invites you to visit Lviv for the Leopolis Jazz Fest 2018.

Rhythmic toll of the clock at the building of the city hall, melodic ringing of trams, voices and music coming from the street cafes, echos of steps in cozy courtyards... Lviv always sounds like jazz; Lviv is jazz!

So it is not surprising that it is in the Lion city where the legendary Leopolis Jazz Fest festival takes place; (until 2017, it was called Alfa Jazz Fest), which is recognized as one of the best jazz festivals in Europe by the famous British periodical The Guardian. Every time, this is not just an event, it is a holiday of music, a special atmosphere and incredible meetings with a taste of coffee at the height of summer.

From June 27 to July 1, 2018, Leopolis Jazz Fest brings together renowned musicians, winners of prestigious music prizes and young talents who only start shining on the jazz sky, and who will share with you a part of their soul, their special music!

The ten-time Grammy Award winner Dave Grusin, a real YouTube star and a protege of the famous producer Quinny Jones - Jacob Collier, the most successful British singer Jamie Cullum, the legendary saxophonist Charles Lloyd and the Marvels band , Italian virtuosos Stefano Bollani and Mario Biondi, as well as the etherial Katya Chilly and Laura Marty feat, and the world famous Ukrainian band ONUKA, will be performing on two open stages in the center of Lviv – on the Market Square and in front of the Potocki Palace (15, Kopernyka St., free entrance), as well as on the main stage in the  B. Khmelnytsky Park (entrance by ticket only)!

During the Leopolis Jazz Fest Lviv will turn into a city of careless walks, fantastic entertainment, and musical experiments for four days. A double-decker cabriolet bus with jazz bands on its rooftop, which you can use in order to get straight to the Jazz Picnic, will run the streets. Workshops from renowned performers will help you discover your secret talents. Open-air movie screenings in the Bohdan Khmelnytsky Culture and Recreation Park, dedicated to the history of jazz, will fill the evenings with the charm of the old good retro, while Jam sessions in Lviv night clubs will fill the nights with drive. We advise you not to miss this: here you will have an opportunity to have a chit chat with the star guests of the Leopolis Jazz Fest!

And, of course, within the framework of the festival there will be a lot of street music that will remind you left and right: this is Lviv, this is jazz, this is happiness that you want to feel for as long as possible!

The Taurus City hotel will extend the jazz pleasure. In our hotel you will be able to relax after all the impressions and events, to taste the dishes cooked on charcoal in a Josper oven, to enjoy the incredible view of Lviv from the "Soprano. Roof terrace" restaurant, which is located on the roof of the hotel.

Come to experience the summer in Lviv - come to the place where you can feel the holiday of life, the hospitality and joy, coffee, love, and jazz!

You can find more information about the festival on the official Facebook page and on the website 

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