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National Chocolate Festival

On February 14-17, 2019

On February 14-17, 2019 we invite you to the sweetest holiday of the year!

National Chocolate Festival is an all-Ukrainian event held in Lviv. From time to time it brings together the best chocolate’s producers, the most productive chocolates and, of course, the most delicious chocolate.

This year, apart from  the tone of the most delicious chocolate, couples will be able to get married directly on the holiday. For all people who are  in love with the Chocolate Holiday, a special "Chocolate Ceremony" will be arranged. Couples will receive a "Chocolate Certificate" and a photo.

Each visitor will be able to try not only chocolate for every taste, but also enjoy a variety of chocolate drinks, take part in "chocolate" master classes, and also buy special, "chocolate" souvenirs.

Traditionally, for the visitors of the National Chocolate Festival, the Chocolate Fair and the "Children's Chocolate Country" will take place. Both adults and children will enjoy the holiday.

You will also be impressed with chocolate sculptures: a 9-meter box of sweets, a 5-meter chocolate mill, a 3-meter chocolate bear, Chocolate Ukraine - a map of Ukraine in the size of 8 and 5 meters with outstanding architectural structures.


- traditional chocolate fair

- master classes from professional chocolates,

- artistic chocolate installations;

- competitions, games for children.

You can stay at Taurus City Hotel. We will welcome you and provide the perfect conditions for your comfortable stay.


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