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“Lebedyne ozero” ballet in Lviv!

February 1, 5, 2020

Classic - “Lebedyne ozero” on the Lviv Theater stage!


Lviv Opera and Ballet Theater presents to all fans of classics a winter extravaganza “Lebedyne ozero”. There are a number of art works which will always live in the viewers hearts, one of it is “Lebedyne ozero”. For the first time, the work of Petro Chaykovskyy was offered to ballet supporters in 1877 on the Moscow Theater stage. It is the opera that has the greatest number of editions and productions today. 


The main feeling of this opera is love. Even Prince is ready to take part in the death duel for the pure feeling from which he emerges victorious.


The exquisite and gentle swan appears in the proposed opera, which, as a consequence, becomes a conventional symbol of ballet. Swan - symbolizes a mystical entity that is very graceful, gentle and plastic - a girl-bird.


“Lebedyne ozero” is the undisputed classic of world ballet that everyone should visit. Give yourself and your loved ones а winter extravaganza performed by the best artists of Ukraine on the Lviv Opera stage.


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