Announcement of Events

Event Industry Forum 2019

on February, 8 2019

The largest industry event for market expert that aimed at identifying the event industry in Ukraine. This time, there are 5 halls dedicated to the latest trends, the Event Expo, the Burning Bike and the Grand Afterparty.

The mission of the forum is to emphasize on exceptional role of events in people's lives and the success of business organizations. The purpose of the forum is to look into the future of the event industry, to simulate the competence and tools of the event manager in the long run, to get useful insights and acquaintance with the event community.

The forum will help you:

• To meet with clients and partners, to submit your own services, to hear cases and new ideas for projects, to see technological innovation of event industry;

• Explore new opportunities for marketing and sales to enhance the company's competitiveness;

• Get advice from leading market experts


During these 2 days the participants of the event will have the opportunity:

• To find out a lot of new and interesting things from experts and event industry professionals;

• To attend panel discussions and review cases from opinion leaders of business;

• To see new items of event;

• To find potential partners, team and even sponsor;

• To order event organization in professional event-agencies.


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