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The city lives in the sea of colorful lights,
The city lives on the happiness of people in it...
The city fills you imperceptibly with its rhythm; sometimes you want to stop, take a look at the city from above, talk with it sincerely about anything and everything...

We welcome you in the Taurus City hotel

We created the Taurus City hotel, so that you can be at one with the city, follow the unplanned flow of your thoughts, perceiving every moment of reality as beautiful as it is here and now.

Large glass windows, outside which the city lights up only for you! You can see the panorama of the historic part of Lviv just like on postcards, which there is a desire to take with you as a keepsake.* And every smallest detail is designed to grant you minutes of happiness, comfort, and relaxation.

* there is a panoramic view of the city from the floors 5 to 7.

We are glad to see you,
Taurus City hotel team!

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Announcement of Events

New year's dinner in "Soprano.Roof terrace" restaurant

December 31, 2019

"Soprano.Roof terrace" restaurant invites you to celebrate New Year with the festive lights of the city, which are in full view here, in an atmosphere of a fairy tale, with a glass of sparkling wine and exquisite dishes from the chef.

Концерт оркестра Lords Of The Sound «Grand Christmas»

25 декабря 2019

Рождественско-новогодний концерт Grand Christmas от оркестра "Lords of the Sound", который восстанавливает классическую европейскую традицию праздничных концертов на Рождество. Чтобы почувствовать европейский колорит, сплетение европейских традиций и красоты украинской культуры!

Mozart Rock Opera

December 15, 2019

Rock, Mozart, Big Symphony Orchestra, Choir, Rock Band, Top 7 Soloists - Rock Mozart Le Concert is what everyone has to see and hear!


Taurus City hotel is convenient for holding business meetings, presentations, trainings, or corporate meetings. In order for a corporate event to be held at the highest level, the Taurus City hotel team offers conference service, which includes:

  • Provision of a conference room which has a capacity of 50 people;
  • Technical support - multimedia equipment;
  • Ensuring operation of a business center: photocopying, printing, intercity and international communication, fax, e-mail;
  • Organization of coffee breaks, complex lunches, dinners, buffets;
  • Transfer to the hotel;
  • Booking air and railway tickets;
  • Organization of excursions in Lviv for event participants.

Conference room and conference cafe for event participants are located on the first floor of the Taurus City hotel.

Detailed Information

"Soprano.Roof terrace" restaurant

is located on the roof of the Taurus City hotel. Through the panoramic windows of the restaurant, guests of the hotel can enjoy the enchanting views of the "High Castle" park, of the spires of the old buildings in the Lviv historic center, views of the Town Hall and St. George Cathedral.

The peculiarity of the "Soprano.Roof terrace" restaurant menu is the dishes cooked on charcoal in a Josper oven. The unique taste and appetizing appearance of dishes with a golden and juicy crust, characteristic smell of smoke, enchanting interior, and perfect service – we do everythingb so that our guests get maximum pleasure.

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